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- The registry of the Voyager (in this and in all future episodes) is NCC-74656.
- The interval between each energy pulse from the Array increases by "point four seven" seconds in frequency.

- The Doctor says he is programmed with the experiences of 47 individual medical officers. (Sound file, 187 K)
- The Doctor tells Captain Janeway to switch to monitor input 47, the Emergency Holographic Medical Program channel.

- The Doctor says Neelix will only survive another 47 minutes with the blood-gas infuser.
- Kim says they are 547 meters away from the source of the dampening field within the asteroid.
The crew discovers the 247th element.
Paris' memory is interrupted for one minute, forty-seven seconds.
Learning Curve
There are only 47 gel packs remaining in storage.
Captain Janeway's "program" is stored in memory block 47-alpha.
Shields at one point are at 47 percent.
Non Sequitur
- Kim's apartment is number 4-G (G is the 7th letter of the alphabet). (This dubious 47 confirmed by Brannon Braga.)
- Kim's office is in the main complex, level six, subsection 47.

- Kim starts counting megapascals of pressure, the camera takes a detour to the Holodeck, and Kim resumes counting up from 47 megapascals in Engineering when the camera comes back.
- On the display that shows Voyager twisted out of shape, three 47s can be spotted...

a. In the top left of the screen, it says "LCARS 40274"

b. On the right side of the screen, just above Voyager's saucer section, are 4 lines of numbers:

c. Beneath the twisted Voyager diagram, there are ten columns of numbers, two rows in each column. In the 8th column, 2nd row, the number is 4786.
Cold Fire
After initiating a subspace carrier wave, Tanis says it will take 47 hours for the female Caretaker to respond.
At one point, seven Kazon ships are point-4 light-years away from the Voyager.
Kim finds the electrical storm to hover over to avoid the detectors. He says to plot a course "219 mark 47."
B'Elanna reactivates Automated Personnel Unit 3947.
A graphic labeled Biomedical Scan 47 displays Paris' two hearts.
The Doctor displays the killer's DNA on a viewer to Tuvok; the number in the exact middle of the top strand is 47.
- Dreadnought informs B'Elanna her last systems access was on stardate 47582, then says that the current stardate is 49447.
- Look close: During her second trip to Dreadnought, B'Elanna observes the readout of Dreadnought's data banks. Traveling up the screen, in the middle column of numbers (which are all six or seven digits long) is a solitary 47.
Death Wish
There's a 47 in the monitor we see in Sickbay over Q2's head as he dies.
Since his activation, the Doctor says he has performed 347 medical exams.
Hogan uses Engineering Authorization omega-4-7 to attempt to access the deleted subspace log entries. Neelix uses the same code to access Paris' desktop terminal, whereupon the code appears on the screen.
- Looking for a place to hide from the Vidiians, Paris says "there's a large plasma drift bearing four-zero mark seven."
- B'Elanna says she has tried remodulating the comm frequency carrier five times on 47 different frequencies.
- 347 Vidiians have boarded the Voyager near the end of the episode, and more are coming.
While trying to find a way to break through the interference, B'Elanna shows the captain Planetary Scan 047.
During the fight with the Vidiians, Paris says "Shields down to 47 percent."
Basics, Part II
- The preview for this episode shows a brief glimpse of a graphic, displaying a cross-section of part of Voyager, labeled "Vessel Schematic 4747." In the episode itself, this graphic only appears for a fraction of a second after the Doctor finishes listening to Paris' transmission.
- Suder, dying, makes a last desperate effort and succeeds in hitting the keypad marked 34 to sabotage Voyager's backup phaser banks. He did not hit the button located directly above it, which was marked 247.
The Chute
Paris and Kim were convicted of a bombing in which 47 off-duty patrollers were killed.
Rand informs Captain Sulu that there is a hull breach on deck 12, section 47.
The Swarm
Kim says the swarm is 40,000 kilometers away from Voyager; the next report on the distance of the swarm comes from Paris, who says they are 7,000 kilometers away.
False Profits
- Stardate: 50074.3.
- While one of the Ferengi is counting the profits from the province, one of the numbers read is 147. (It should be noted that he actually stops counting at 148.)
- Apparently, there are 47 separate commentaries on the Rules of Acquisition.
Future's End
- Southern California sank under the Hermosa Quake of 2047.
- The cop chasing the homeless Captain Braxton radios into dispatch: "This is 247!"
- Rain's schematic of the the orbiting gamma emissions shows a flashing set of three numbers including "274." This is seen twice, once when she first discovers the emissions, and also just before her system crashed.
- After Rain's computer crashes, it displays a graphic with the message: "Fatal System Error: Error #0047".
- A diagram of the timeship on Starling's computer viewed by Chakotay and Janeway shows a list of numbers, one of which is "4747."
Future's End, Part II
- While Starling's assistant is looking for Starling's signal so he can beam him off Voyager, the computer announces: "SatComm 47, activating."
- Starling plans to enter the rift: "Penetration point: 96 mark 047".
The Q and the Grey
A supernova shockwave approaches the Voyager on a heading of 217 mark 47.
- The Doctor beams down to the mine and informs the bridge that he will be proceeding on vector 147.
- Near the end Janeway has an antigen bomb that she's going to toss into the holodeck. When one of the macroviruses attacks her, the bomb flies out of her hand--with 40 seconds to detonation. When she gets it back, it has 7 seconds left.
Fair Trade
The proper container for biomimetic gel is Starfleet standard issue L647-X7.
Alter Ego
- At one point Chakotay says that shields have dropped to 47 percent.
- The stardate at the end of this episode is 50471.3.
The former Borg instruct Chakotay via mind-link to beam into the Borg ship, section 47-Omega.
Neelix manages to stable the tether's velocity at 47 kilometers per hour.
Before and After
- While having her picture taken with her new grandson, Kes asks for the stardate; Harry responds with "It's stardate 56947."
- The temporal variance of the chronoton torpedo is 1.47 microseconds.
Real Life
Tuvok says there is a shock wave on bearing 047 mark 19.
Distant Origin
Dr. Gegen determines that the Voth share 47 genetic markers with humans
Worst Case Scenario
- Chakotay says there have been 47 accesses to the holoprogram thus far.
- Tuvok accesses the program with "security clearance Tuvok 4774".
- The Doctor examines the Borg nanoprobes' technique twice on monitors labeled "Image Enhancement 047."
- This episode marks the debut of Species 8472.
Scorpion, Part II
Species 8472 makes a return appearance...
The Gift
- ...and gets mentioned one more time in this episode.
- Seven of Nine sees a communications node in the Jefferies tube. It reads "59S47B Starfleet Communications Node."
- At one point the Doctor says Kes underwent 17.4 seconds of cellular flux.
- Seven of Nine, aka Annika Hansen, was born on stardate 25479.
Chakotay gets taken in by the Fourth Regiment. Along the way, they run into the remains of the Seventh Regiment.
Scientific Method
- Paris takes a look at Vessel Schematic 4747 before ordering a site-to-site transport to rendezvous with Torres.
- When Janeway takes Voyager into the binary pulsars, Seven reports hull breaches on decks 4, 7, 8 and 12.
The Year of Hell, Part I
- Part of the episode takes place on Day 47, as indicated by a subtitle.
- The temporal variance of the chronoton torpedo is 1.47 microseconds (also seen in "Before and After").
Concerning Flight
- Voyager's computer is capable of accessing 47 million channels simultaneously.
- When Kim scans for the location of the captain and Da Vinci, the holoemitter is 4.7 kilometers outside the city.
Waking Moments
- B'Elanna wakes Paris up at 0740 hours.
- Stardate at the end of the episode: 51471.3.
Message in a Bottle
- According to Captain Janeway in the message she sends to the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager is at coordinates 18 mark 205 mark 47 in the Delta Quadrant.
- The Romulan commander orders attack pattern beta-4-7 during the first fight with the Starfleet vessel.
The Hunters are species 5174.
The dreaded Species 8472 shows up once more in this episode.
The Killing Game
- Katrin's bar pulls in 1247 francs on the first night shown.
- The two numbers in the upper left of Katrin's grid for decoding the message are 4 and 7.
- Janeway accesses Auxiliary Systems 0470 in sickbay.
- Kim accesses the same Auxiliary Systems 0470 in order to initiate the holoemitter overload.
Vis A Vis
There appear to be a couple of tiny 47s on the transporter console in a close-up shot.
The Omega Directive
Kim mentions Species 8472 again.
While attempting to beam aboard a sample of the deuterium on the planet, Seven orders the annular confinement beam narrowed to .47 terahertz.
- Seven orders Nutritional supplement 14-Beta-7 from a replicator in the empty mess hall.
- On the bridge, Seven orders the computer to adjust course by .347 degrees starboard.
- The Doctor and Seven look at Visual Schematic 4747 in an effort to explain the malfunctioning alert systems.
Hope and Fear
- The Dauntless was launched on stardate 51472.
- The Starfleet admiral says they had performed 47 trial runs of the slipstream drive, all successful.
- Seven looks at a screen labeled Energy Path (?) Simulation 2473.
- Janeway, Seven and Arturis talk about Species 8472.
- The patient in sickbay is displaying cellular degradation of 12.47 (as shown on the monitor the Doctor shows the Captain).
There remain 47 seconds until intercept of the vortex.
The drone says he has assimilated 47 billion teraquads of information in the past day.
Extreme Risk
According to Chakotay, B'Elanna only ran the program in which the Maquis are killed for 47 seconds before shutting it off.
In The Flesh
- More of Species 8472...
- Chakotay's security number: 47 Alpha 612.
Once Upon a Time
- Wildman reports something at 70,000 kilometers, at bearing 0 mark 4.
- Naomi quotes Starfleet regulation 476-9: All away teams must report to the bridge at least once every 24 hours.
On the Delta Flyer, the computer reports a vessel approaching on bearing 184 mark 7.
Infinite Regress
Naomi Wildman says she knows all 47 suborders of the Prime Directive.
Thirty Days
The Monean wants to know how he is supposed to explain the disturbing news about the ocean to 47 regional sovereigns.
- Janeway's message to Tuvok and Paris indicates they have calculated a temporal differential of .4744 seconds per minute.
- Tuvok says that by that formula, the thirty minutes Janeway specified translates to 2 days, 11 hours, and 47 seconds.
The Fight
A 47 appears on a monitor in Sickbay.
Someone to Watch Over Me
Seven's first log read about B'Elanna and Tom began at stardate 52647 at 1400 hours.
- Admiral Patterson drills Janeway on the threshold of the H2 molecule. Answer: 14.7 electron volts.
- The lieutenant on the Relativity gives a target stardate of 52861.274 for Seven's second jump.
The Doctor/sentient weapon looks for the confirmation code in his memory banks by accessing Interface 047.
There's a small 447 on the panel Max operates back on the bridge of the Equinox.
Equinox, Part II
The Doctor talks to the Equinox covertly using a panel labeled Subspace Comm Protocol 047.
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
The Doctor fiddles with some equipment in a bin marked 47 right before the daydreams begin again.
In Engineering, B'Elanna and Kim discover fluctuations at 4.7 percent.
One Small Step
- At one point there's a "Visual Status 4747" behind Chakotay's head in the Delta Flyer.
- There's also a 2471 behind Seven later as she chews Chakotay out for endangering the away team.
The junction of transit tunnel sections 47 and 48 (see "Homefront" in DS9 47s) shows up again in this episode.
Fair Haven
Seven reports an anomaly with Borg classification 3472: a particle density anomaly.
The stardate for this episode is 53447.2.
Live Fast and Prosper
This episode mentions, once again, Species 8472.
Unimatrix Zero
The Doctor shows Janeway and Seven "Neural/Synaptic Monitor 147."
Unimatrix Zero, Part II
- There's a monitor with "Neural Circuitry Patterns 247" on it.
- Species 8472 again...
- Stardate for this episode: 54704.5.
- Species 8472 is mentioned again.
- At one point, we check in with Q on the fourth day of the seven days of training.
Author, Author!
- Stardate at the beginning of this episode: 54732.3.
- Stardate in the middle of this episode: 54740.8.
- Stardate near the end of this episode: 54748.6.
- At the end of the episode, one dilithium miner recommends to another that he should request Program 47-Beta.
Friendship One
Stardate at the beginning of this episode: 54775.4.
Seven opines that from her readings, there must be at least 47 Borg ships inside the nebula.

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