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And now, by popular demand, the 47s of The Original Series.

Of course, there's no one to hold responsible for these 47s appearing in the original show. These are best thought of as examples of how frequently 47 will turn up in life for absolutely no reason.

Balance of Terror
At one point the Enterprise has been "playing dead" for 9 hours and 47 minutes.
Errand of Mercy
Unit XY75A47 reported a Klingon fleet in their sector.
I, Mudd
This episode features Barbara Series #471.
Bread and Circuses
The S.S. Beagle has 47 crew members
This episode features the Constitution Class USS Farragut, NCC-1647. (This is episode #47 of the original series, by the way; the title being "Obsession" was one of my early theories on why 47 was so popular in Trek.)
The Immunity Syndrome
- Scotty informs Kirk that the shields are at 47% and won't hold out much longer.
- Spock tells Captain Kirk: "My...calculations indicate--shields...only forty-seven minutes."
Assignment: Earth
- When Gary Seven first transports into his office he turns the computer on, the wall turns around revealing a computer and he says "Specify the locations of agents 201 and 347."
- When Kirk and Spock step out of the elevator and call Scotty on the communicators, Scotty says: "Proceed 5 meters, 247 degrees true."

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