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Angel One
Riker orders Data to beam back to the Enterprise and take the ship to the Neutral Zone "before it's too late". Data calculates that they have 48 minutes until it's too late. When Riker finds out about Data's calculation, he says "OK, we have 48 minutes..." Data corrects him, saying that since his calculation was made a minute previously, they really have 47 minutes.
We'll Always Have Paris
At one point Data says the next time distortion will occur in between 38 and 47 minutes.
Code 47 is captain's eyes only.
Deja Q
Geordi says the ship will have to exceed recommended impulse engine output by at least 47 percent in order to even attempt to move the moon.
Tin Man
47 people had died in the Ghorusda disaster.
Menage a Troi
Picard quotes Shakespeare's sonnet 147, amongst others.
Suddenly Human
The Enterprise makes its way into sector 21947, Talarian territory, to answer the distress call of a Talarian observation craft.

- When drinking wine at dinner with his brother's family, Picard thinks he's drinking the '46, but it's really the '47.
- At the end of the episode, Picard's brother gives him a bottle of the '47.

Data's made-up access code contains a few 47s. "1-7-3-4-6-7-3-2-1-4-7-6-Charlie-3-2-7-8-9-7-7-7-6-4-3-Tango-7-3-2-Victor- 7-3-1-1-7-8-8-8-7-3-2-4-7-6-7-8-9-7-6-4-3-7-6-lock."
The escape pod is located on level 3C, section 547.
The Loss
Data says a velocity of warp six will bring them to T'lli Beta in 6 days, 13 hours, 47 minutes. (What, no seconds?)
Data's Day
Data orders feline supplement 74.
Devil's Due
Stardate: 44474.5.
Ensign McKnight said at one time: "...direction 285 point 147."
Identity Crisis

- The recording of the log played in this episode commenced on stardate 40164.7, as stated by the officer recording it and as shown on the screen.
- Geordi asks for a replay of time index 1447-1458.

The Nth Degree

- The probe will overload the shields in 47 seconds.
- Midway through the episode, the stardate is 44705.3, and at the end it is 44721.9.

During his talk on Tagan archaeology, Picard states that to date, there had been 947 expeditions to Tagus, and 74 of them revealed findings of importance.
The Drumhead
Picard convenes the hearing on Simon Tarses on stardate 44780.
The Mind's Eye
LaForge, under the influence of brainwashing techniques, orders the power flow of a transporter rerouted. The computer replies, "Acknowledged. Power has been rerouted through auxiliary power distribution system code number 44762."
In Theory
The ship at one point is 4.7 million kilometers from the perimeter of the nebula.


- This episode takes place on Stardate 45047.2.
- Worf reports a particle gradient of 4 over 7 from the shuttle.
- There are 47 entries for the word "Darmok" in the ship's computer. (Sound file, 44K).

Look closely at the small panel Riker taps in Engineering for a tiny 47.
The Game
When Wesley encounters her in the turbolift, Ogawa says she is on level 47 of the game.
New Ground
- Riker says they will have to evacuate sections 24 through 47 on decks 35 and 38.
- At one point, Geordi talks about how Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier on October 27, 1947.

- The Cliffs of Heaven are holodeck program 47C.
- There are 47 sentry pods guarding the Lysian central command.
- When Data and Geordi are working in engineering, the second button from the top on the screen Data is typing on is a 47.

The Outcast
Riker views the J'Naii building with a pair of binoculars; the viewing field has a small number ending in 47 in the upper-right-hand corner.
Cause and Effect
- When Worf folds in the poker game he is showing an ace, a seven and a four.
- There is a button labeled "947" on a console in Engineering seen when Data is keying in a string of 3s on the monitor.
- At the end of the episode, Worf states that they have been caught in the time loop for 17.4 days.
The First Duty
Captain Satelk explains that the NAVCON satellite shot of the Nova Squadron's ships in the Kolvoord formation was taken 7 seconds after they finished the Yeager loop. The accident occurred 4 seconds later.
Imaginary Friend
- The nebula is labeled FGC-47.
- Data says an irregular lattice composed of approximately 47 million strands of energy is within the nebula.
I, Borg
The invasive program image is labeled "topological anomaly 4747".
Time's Arrow, Part II
Twain tells Picard to to use quantum setting .047 on the phaser to activate the portal.
Dr. Crusher deadpans, "Not bad for a man of 147," about Scotty's health. (This is a coincidence; he really was 147, according to the birth date speculated in the Star Trek Chronology before the episode was produced.)
- Lieutenant Hagler's quarters are Deck 9, Section 19--the numbers on the door are "09 1947."
- When the group is on the holodeck trying to recreate their memories of the alien lab, the computer states there are 5,047 designs of tables on record.
True Q
- Amanda already knows she is on "deck 7, section 4."
- Data says "the temperature in the reaction chamber has increased by 47 percent."
This episode features a computer animated fish known as a humuhumunukunukuapua'a on a monitor in Classroom 7. To the right of this monitor, there is a row of numbered blue buttons. The second button from the top is, of course, 47.
A Fistful of Datas
The computer system affected by Data's malfunction is subroutine C-47.
Chain of Command, Part II
LaForge uses quantum resonance scan 047 on the Cardassian ship.
Aquiel is stationed at Relay Station 47.
Birthright, Part I
- Data is unconscious for 47 seconds.
- 73 Klingons live in the compound. Worf's arrival makes it 74.
Frame of Mind
Riker is being held in ward 47. (Sound file, 62 K)
After the runabout passes through a time distortion field, Data says the starboard engine has apparently been in continuous operation for 47 days.

- Steven Hawking wins the round with four sevens. (This is my favorite 47 of all!)
- There are 274 people assigned to the Oniaka 3 outpost.
- Worf says the shuttle carrying Data and the Borg is on a heading "247 mark 059."

The stardates of each episode of TNG's seventh season (naturally) start with 47.
Descent, Part II
The Enterprise is forced to leave 47 people behind on the surface of the planet.
Data says one of the poems he is reading has a 47-minute "lacunae," or period of silence.
Towards the end of the episode, Riker is in the Observation Lounge with the Ambassador of Kes, and the Minister of Prit. Over Riker's right shoulder is a viewscreen, with 4771 very clearly displayed in the top left hand corner.
Force of Nature
An optical in the Observation Lounge is labeled "RS Corridor 47310."
- Starbase 47 is mentioned. (It looks a lot like Relay Station 47, too.)
- Data is working at a keypad in Engineering. The image on the screen is a Cardassian Galor-class ship. On the right-hand side you can see a control panel; one of the buttons is clearly labeled 47.
The Pegasus
- The Pegasus has registry number NCC-53847.
- Picard informs Riker that there will be a full inquiry at Starbase 247.
Sub Rosa
Ronin says he was born in 1647.
The required authorization code is alpha-4-7.
- At one point, power levels drop by 47 percent.
- When Geordi first finds the object the Enterprise is creating in the cargo bay, behind him, you can see two barrels which are numbered 47 and 35.
All Good Things...
An aged Riker is the CO of Starbase 247.

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