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- One of his crew tells Gul Jasad of the Cardassian Seventh Order that the Fourth Order can arrive in a day as reinforcements.
- While in the wormhole, three separate close-ups of the monitor in the Rio Grande clearly show a button labeled "47" on the right-hand side.
- Julian's antidote series for the aphasia virus is labeled "File 839472-39.
- "947" appears three times in the array of numbers in the display.
The Passenger
Bashir says he's just picking up a ship on long range sensors, bearing "347 mark 08."
- 47 people living on the moon besides Mollibok had already left willingly.
- Jake and Nog own the fourth piece of land wanted by the Provisional Government for development. And it just happens to be seven tessipates in size.
The Circle
When Odo consults with a person on Bajor about the Circle, the viewscreen says "Bajoran Regional Comm Network, Routing Code 47-00076."
Bashir is rather irritated with Garak for coming up with a new idea after searching 7420 files for a misspelling of Rugel's name.
Rule of Acquisition #47: "Don't trust a man wearing a better suit than your own." (Sound file, 55 K)
- The planet Parada 4 has 7 moons.
- O'Brien asks how big of a lead he has on the runabout chasing him. The computer responds, "Seven minutes, four seconds."
- There is a button labeled "47" between two monitors on the Rio Grande.
Playing God
At one point Dax changes course to "130 mark 47."
Blood Oath
Kang says he discovered the Albino's hideout 7 years ago on a planet called Dayos 4.
The Maquis, Part II
- Dukat scares the Xepolite captain by threatening to fire photons in "15...10...7...4" seconds.
- There's a button labeled "947" between the two monitors in Cal Hudson's ship.
The Wire
Julian and Jadzia look at a display labeled "File 839472-58" while trying to find out what's wrong with Jadzia's plant.
The Search, Part I
The Defiant (which first appears in this episode) has registry number NX-74205.
The Search, Part II
At the beginning of the episode, the camera pans across a flickering display with the number 947 on it.
The House of Quark
O'Brien draws up plans for an arboretum on a datapadd labeled "947."
Joran Belar was born on stardate 1024.7.
O'Brien says that the next dimensional shift should occur within the next 47 minutes.
- Kira's access code is delta-5-4-7.
- Reference is made to Cardassian Outpost 47.
The Romulans are moved to quarters in section 47, level 2.
Family Business
- On the Promenade, Sisko begins to tell Bashir and O'Brien, "I'll be in cargo bay..." "Four?" O'Brien interrupts. "Huh? Seven," Sisko corrects. (Sound file, 55 K)
- You need seven strips of latinum to take a turbolift 40 floors at the Ferengi Commerce Authority.
O'Brien is poised to win his 47th dart game in a row.
The Adversary
- Dax says there are 47 people on board the Defiant.
- The ship's course changes to "015 mark 47."
The Visitor
Jake writes on a PADD with the number 4747 in the upper left-hand corner.
Hippocratic Oath
The same PADD appears in Worf's hands with a mug shot on it.
Little Green Men
- Nog jokes to Jake that they've spent 2,147 hours together in their spot above the Promenade.
- Quark, Rom, Nog and Odo travel back to Roswell, 1947. (Of course, the alleged alien spacecraft sightings in Roswell really did take place in 1947.)
Our Man Bashir
Sisko's evil holodeck alter ego says there are 74 lasers spread around the surface of the planet.
- Look close: The number 4347 (as well as 4547, 4747, etc.) appears on the closeup of Jaresh-Inyo's PADD as he gives Admiral Leyton control of Earth.
- The first shot of Earth we see includes what looks like a transit tunnel in the foreground of the shot. The portion of the tunnel that is onscreen is the junction of sections 47 and 48.
Paradise Lost
- The same transit tunnel makes three appearances in this episode: once at the very start of the episode, once in the middle of the episode after a commercial break, and lastly immediately after the scene with Sisko and Leyton in the jail cell.
- The Red Squad was scheduled to return to base at 1947 PST on the night of the 23rd.
- The access code for a classified personnel file viewed by Sisko and Odo is "Leyton-1-omega-4-7," seen at the lower right-hand corner of the display.
While going over the crime reports with Odo, Kira asks about item 7: Odo explains that it was an incident in which someone was found painting graffiti in section 4.
Return to Grace
- Time for the first battle drill on Dukat's ship: "Three forty-seven."
- Kira describes a standard-issue Cardassian phase disruptor rifle to Ziyal. It has a 4.7 megajoule power capacity.
Sons of Mogh
Kira detonates all of the mines in sectors 22-alpha through 47-gamma.
Akorem left Bajor in the year 9174.
Hard Time
O'Brien goes into the cargo bay, intending to kill himself. He gets a phaser out of a weapons locker labeled "47 | Weapons Locker."
Shattered Mirror
The same weapons locker labeled "47 | Weapons Locker" has apparently moved to Ops. Sisko, Kira and O'Brien get phasers out of it before attempting to transport to the mirror universe.
The Muse
Jake again writes on a PADD with "4747" in the upper left-hand corner.
To the Death
At the briefing with the senior staff and the Jem'Hadar, Sisko shows everyone "Tactical Scan 147."
Broken Link
Worf enters a Jefferies tube by hitting a button on a control panel. One of the other buttons is labeled "47."
Apocalypse Rising
Dax shows the senior staff a graphic labeled Polaron Emitter Prototype X-47.
...Nor The Battle To The Strong
Jake's PADD 4747 makes another appearance in this episode. He writes on it during the teaser before the opening credits.
The Assignment
O'Brien looks at a PADD labeled "Station Schematic 4747" while going over the instructions from the alien inhabiting Keiko.
The Begotten
At the end of the episode, Shakaar and Dr. Mora depart for Bajor on shuttle 4709.
A Simple Investigation
O'Brien views a picture of a woman in "Queen's Gambit" on a PADD with "Holosuite Program -- 5547" in the upper right corner.
Blaze of Glory
Sisko overrides the safeties on the engines with access code "Sisko A-4-7-1".
A Time to Stand
- The admiral shows Sisko the location of the main Dominion Ketracel-White facility on an asteroid labeled 345-447.
- The admiral shows Sisko the Jem'Hadar ship on a panel that was labeled Stellar Cartography 4747 before the picture came up.
Sacrifice of Angels
A comm announcement orders all Dominion personnel through 4, 7 and 12 to evacuate the station. (Sound file, 81 K)
You Are Cordially Invited
Stardate for this episode: 51247.5.
Statistical Probabilities
Bashir shows Captain Sisko a PADD with "Analysis Mode -- 47" in the upper right-hand corner.
Who Mourns for Morn?
Morn's account in the Bolian Bank is number CJ5-74-36.
One Little Ship
- Stardate for episode: 51474.2.
- The turbolift panel the Rubicon "presses" to activate the lift has a 47 right below the pad it hits.
Change of Heart
Dax scans the planet in a screen that says Scanning Grid 47110 in the lower right-hand corner.
In the wardroom, Director Sloan reads from a padd with the number 847 on the back. Later he waves it in Bashir's face in the security cells.
In The Pale Moonlight
Sisko gets some information on the Romulan Senator on a PADD with the number 4778 in the lower right-hand corner of the display.
- The Valiant tracks a Dominion battleship traveling at warp 4.7.
- The first officer looks at a display labeled "Fwd Targeting Scanners 4751".
Image in the Sand
Admiral Ross gives Kira a PADD with information on the Romulan senator; the number 4774 appears on the lower right-hand corner of the display.
Take Me Out To The Holosuite
Kasidy Yates' number on her baseball uniform is number 47.
Treachery, Faith and the Great River
The same PADD with 047 on the back appears in Worf's hands as Martok demands to know where his blood wine has gone...
The Siege of AR-558
In the viewfinder of the binoculars the troops use to scope out the Jem'Hadar, there are a couple of tiny 47s in the numbers flashing quickly back and forth at the bottom.
Field of Fire
There are 48 Vulcans on the station, so to find the murderer, Ezri and Joran say they will have to eliminate 47 of them.
Extreme Measures
On the tiny pad next to the just "one more door", O'Brien taps the button labeled 47.
The Dogs of War
Brunt offers 40 bricks of latinum as a bribe to Quark; Quark counters with 70.

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