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Obligatory Kitty So Cute Page

The Internet exists so that we may show off pics of our cats. Whether one chooses to show off a real cat or a rather more prosaic kind is up to the individual webmaster.

In September of 2000, I adopted my cat Harley from a local no-kill shelter (Pets in Need). When I went to the shelter on my lunch break "just to look," I petted a lot of cats, but when I sat down in the third cat room Harley plopped herself into my lap and gazed up at me adoringly, and that was all it took.

When I adopted her she had been in the shelter for over a year with only one adoption attempt, a woman who brought her back after getting bitten. Happily, I am more mellow than that lady, and I know that if you mess with a cat too much it will, in fact, bite you, so kitty and I get along just fine.

Her hobbies include sleeping, eating, puking, crapping, begging for fried things (french fries and fried chicken especially), meowing at me at 5 AM in winter to let her under the covers (but only with head sticking out and claws digging into my arm or face, thank you very much), and generally being cute. She is also the most talkative cat I have ever known without being a yowly Siamese.

I find it somewhat artificial to write about "Harley" because the only time she actually gets called by her name is when I'm telling some other human that she really has one. Most of the time she gets called kitty, cutie, spaz, munchy, cutemonster, furball, nice kitty, sweetiepumpkin, and "you insane freak."

Obligatory pics! Click for larger, if so inclined.

Kitty has contempt for you.

When I had a CRT monitor, it was her favorite place to sleep. I bought a plastic shelf for the top of it and she made it her own. Last year I bought a flat screen and now she is SOL.


Dare you to pet my fluffy, sun-drenched tummy.

Gaze upon my laze.


(I have twenty-five more pictures of her in this exact spot that didn't turn out as well. Thank goodness for digital cameras.)

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